SMART UP YOUR MOULD - Would you like to know about all the process data of your moulds? Then Digital Moulds can help you manage and monitor your moulds with its digitization options. The products from Digital Moulds enable the use of the most modern data-driven technologies through the transparent documentation of process data directly on the mould and independently of other infrastructure. You breathe intelligence into your moulds.

Our decades of experience and our in-depth knowledge of mould making and plastics processing guarantee our customers the best possible implementation of their requirements.With our platform we accompany the entire life of a mould. From the first product idea to the end of the life cycle, the solutions from Digital Molds document the status data of the mould without gaps. In addition, you always have an overview of the performance indicators. These data form the basis for communication between the participants in the injection moulding process. The mould acts as a central coordinator and driver in the process.

Mould Monitoring

Mould Monitoring is the answer of DIGITAL MOULDS to the challenges of the new cross-linked production under Industry 4.0. It allows an active and comprehensive control of the mould during the injection mould process.

A personalised user portal allows access to relevant mould parameters regardless of location throughout the entire mould life cycle. Such as:

  • Parts counter
  • Cycle time
  • Feed temperature
  • Flow rate
  • Cavity pressure
  • and many more

Furthermore, you receive information about the current location and state of your mould via the portal. Additionally, in case of necessary maintenance or services you will be notified in time, which simplify your planning process.

Thus you always have complete control over your mould, no matter where you or your mould are.

Your benefits

  • Locating enables tracking & tracing of the mould
  • Automatic mould status identificaton
    (operation, storage, transport)
  • Configurable dashboard
  • Easy expandability due to modular concept
  • Adjustable warning limits for deviations from process parameters
  • Location-independent access to the data and production-relevant documents

Mould Lifecycle Management

Mould Lifecycle Management is an innovation of Digital Moulds that transparently and centrally documents and visualises the entire life cycle of a mould from the customer's initial idea to the end of its service life.

Mould Lifecycle Management is a cloud-based software solution that collects all the relevant information, documents, drawings, parameters, etc., in a database.

Everyone involved in a project (OEM, mould maker, injection moulder) has access to the same level of knowledge, thus avoiding time-consuming searching for data. In addition, the OEM in particular can keep track of the mould's production progress at the mould maker, and the production of the component part by the injection moulder, independent of time and location.


  • Mould management
  • Management of mould requirements
  • Management of relevant mould related documents
  • State tracking across the entire mould life cycle
  • Production data due to the integration of Mould Monitoring
  • Documentation of maintenance / service tasks

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